2 Killed In Lakewood Crash

The Los Angeles County Fire Department said two people died on the scene, one person was in critical condition and another was in moderate condition.

Video Transcript

- We have some breaking news out of Lakewood right now where two people were killed in a crash.

- Desmond Shaw live in Sky2 with the latest. Des.

DESMOND SHAW: Jeff and Suzie, this is a horrific crash on the 6100 block of South Street. It's LA County Sheriff's deputies investigating. Indeed, two people lost their life.

It looks like the victims were in this vehicle, almost completely unrecognizable. It may be an older Volkswagen Beetle. I'm judging from the back of the fender there. But two other people were injured in this is well. One in critical condition, one in moderate one of these other two vehicles.

Looks like it might have been a head-on collision, but two people killed. Tragic start to the weekend here in Lakewood. Live in Sky2 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Jeff and Suzie, back to you in the studio.