2 killed in W Houston chase that ended in fiery crash

Deputies say the driver of a red Camaro was traveling 100 mph without headlights before he crashed into an innocent man in a truck.

Video Transcript

- News on the west side. Minutes ago, our newsroom confirmed two people were killed in that chase that ended in a fiery crash in the West Beltway Feeder Road. And now, traffic is all blocked off at Clay Road. So our reporter, Courtney Fischer, just arrived at the scene. And she's live with what we know so far. Courtney.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Yeah, Tom, two people in two separate cars have been killed. We know that it happened at the end of a chase, involving Precinct 5 deputies. I know it's tough to see. But it's right there on the corner of the Beltway 8 Northbound Feeder. We're going to wait for the semi to pass by. And that's Clay Road right there.

So one of the cars-- we can see the back has been sheared off completely. The other car is just a little bit ways down the Feeder. And again, one person in each car killed in this fiery crash.

I want to show you jam cam video we have. This is probably about from 20 or 30 minutes or so ago. Right after the crash, you see huge, huge, billowing clouds of smoke coming from one of the cars.

Now, as for the two people killed, we don't know which driver was actually involved in this chase with the authorities, which we would assume that one person is an innocent driver who had been killed, and the other, again, involved in that chase. So obviously, police keeping us pretty far back, as they investigate the scene. It is a pretty large scene.

As soon as we get more information, we'll keep you posted. But two people dead in two separate cars from this incident. For now, reporting live, Courtney Fischer, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.

- All right. Thanks, Courtney. And--