2 men found shot to death in northeast Harris County

Investigators say the two men, described as Hispanic males, tried to steal the driver's car when the driver shot them both.

Video Transcript

ERIK BARAJAS: We begin with breaking news here in northeast Harris County. Deputies there responding to a deadly double shooting.

ILONA CARSON: Yes. Now, we understand that this may have started as a carjacking. ABC13's Mycah Hatfield just arrived to the scene. Mycah, what can you tell us?

MYCAH HATFIELD: Hey, Erik and Ilona, we're still waiting on a lot of information here. But we do know that there were two men who were killed here. They're both still here in the street. This is on Shelton at the intersection of Shelton and Keith streets, not far away from Little York and 59. But this is in a residential area.

We know from the Harris County Sheriff's Office that this happened around 3 o'clock this afternoon. You see that car still in the ditch, one of the headlights on. We're told that the two victims are believed to be the people who were inside of that car. We are told that there is one person detained.

Detectives are still working to speak with that person to figure out exactly what it was that led up to this. But I did speak with a man out here, and he told me that he came outside of his door, he heard someone screaming, call the police, call the police, and saw someone with a gun in their hand run down the street in the opposite direction.

Not exactly sure who it was that was saying to call the police, but he said he did believe that the person that he saw with the gun was, in fact, the suspect in this case. But we are still waiting on more information from law enforcement. We know that the public information officer just showed up here in the last couple of moments. And we hope to learn more, and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. Live in north Harris County, Mycah Hatfield, ABC13 Eyewitness News.