2 Men Hospitalized After Large Explosion At Valley Glen Home

Los Angeles Fire Department crews responded late Sunday to a Valley Glen home after a large explosion rocked an entire neighborhood. The cause of the explosion was still under investigation.

Video Transcript

- Neighbors are still shaken over what happened in their community last night.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Investigators today are trying to zero in on what caused the blast at West Archwood Street and Bellaire Avenue in Valley Glen. That's where we find KCAL9's Kandiss Crone live with the very latest. Kandiss.

KANDISS CRONE: Yeah, Chris and [INAUDIBLE]. It is still a mystery as to what caused the explosion. At the home behind me, you can see LAPD still has it taped off as investigators just showed up and are sifting through some of the rubble here. And all we know that seven homes were damaged. One neighbor risked his life when he heard screaming kids inside the home.

GUY PHILIPPE: I didn't want anything to happen to the kids. I made a decision last night that if anything happened to me, then so be it.

KANDISS CRONE: Guy Philippe wipes away tears after recalling his harrowing decision to run into his neighbor's home to help--


--moments after an explosion nearly destroyed the house and sent debris flying everywhere.

GUY PHILIPPE: The structure was really badly damaged, they couldn't get out. The kids-- so I lifted a few things, get some-- get the-- the kids out.

KANDISS CRONE: After rescuing three children, he went back inside to help other relatives. When fire crews arrived to the home on Archwood Street, they found one man with critical burns. Another was trapped under debris in the garage. Both were taken to the hospital.

- And suddenly just a giant blast. Everything shattered in our house. Um, windows blew off. Things fell.

KANDISS CRONE: Investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the explosion. They discovered a ruptured gas line after the blast, but do not believe that's what caused it. They did find evidence of a marijuana grow, but cannot confirm if the grow operation was to blame.

ERIK SCOTT: That explosion does not appear to have been caused by that gas leak. The gas leak was subsequent to the actual explosion. The explosion does not appear to have been caused by a THC extraction lab.

KANDISS CRONE: Philippe injured his foot by stepping on a nail. His brother Mario called him a hero as he cleaned up the mess, even recalling a time his brother saved him.

MARIO JEAN PHILIPPIE: It's, uh, very typical of him. I can go back to when we lived in New York, we had a fire where-- and, uh-- the basement of our home. And he carried me on his back for almost two miles in about 2 and 1/2 feet of snow.

KANDISS CRONE: Neighbors say they're thankful no one was killed. And back out here live again, you can see LAPD investigators are still sifting through the rubble, all the debris of this home. Neighbors tell me that a couple, their three children, and an older woman live there, as well as a tenant who had been staying in the garage.

Again, the cause is under investigation. We did reach out to the LAPD to see if they've been called here before, if there's any history at this home, and we're still waiting to hear back. We're live in Valley Village, Kandiss Crone, KCAL9 News.