2 men injured in central Fresno shooting

Police say two suspects opened fire on three men Tuesday evening in central Fresno, leaving two of the three victims in the hospital with gunshot injuries.

Video Transcript

- And that breaking news is out of Central Fresno tonight where officers found two gunshot victims.

- Investigators say they first received a shotspotter activation for 18 rounds, then moments later, their dispatchers were flooded with nearly two dozen calls to report the gunfire. The victims are both men. One is 30 years old, the other 26. They were found near Fedora and Palm just after 7:30 tonight. So far, investigators say the two victims were with the third person in the area when two suspects approached the group and opened fire.

The 30-year-old was rushed to the hospital and is now in critical condition. The other man was injured, but is talking to police officers about what happened to them. Police have not released any other details on the suspects, and no arrests have been made.