These 2 North Texas cities are home to the most cheating spouses in America

Jeff Belmonte

“Your cheatin’ heart will make you weep,” crooned Hank Williams.

If what Williams sang rings true, then streets in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston must be flooded with tears.

The three Texas cities topped the list of the most unfaithful cities in the United States with Dallas at No. 1, Fort Worth at No. 2 and Houston at No. 3, according to relationship advice website

Infidelity is a common problem marriage and family therapists have to sort out. While most couples disapprove of stepping out on their marriages, surveys have found 15% of women and 25% of men have cheated on their spouses. If you include emotional and sexual intimacies without sex, then the percentages spike by 20%.

In most divorces, the “final straw” reasons that tear apart relationships are infidelity, domestic violence and substance abuse.

Here is how determined its list:

“To determine the most unfaithful cities in the nation, we calculated something that we’ve dubbed the Infidelity Index for major U.S. cities. We compared 200 of the largest metro areas across four key dimensions: 1) Relationship Satisfaction, 2) Life Satisfaction, 3) Infidelity Intent, and 4) Affair Activities. We evaluated each of those dimensions using nine relevant metrics of infidelity friendliness.”

The top 10 most unfaithful cities in America

  1. Dallas, TX

  2. Fort Worth, TX

  3. Houston, TX

  4. St. Louis, MO

  5. Nashville, TN

  6. Philadelphia, PA

  7. New York, NY

  8. Knoxville, TN

  9. Atlanta, GA

  10. Washington, D.C.