2 North Texas Siblings Share Life-Saving Bond

Brooke Katz has this week's "The Ones For Texas" report.

Video Transcript

- Two North Texas siblings share a deeper bond beyond simply brothers. It was a life-saving decision that makes them our "Ones for Texas" today. Here's our Brooke Katz.

BROOKE KATZ: Looking at Adrian and Juan, the two brothers appear happy with life, but at the age of three Adrian was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a condition that damages the kidneys.

ADRIAN MANUEL: It was hard to do things, like when I was in school in PE I started to find running really hard because my legs were-- it felt like 20 pound weights were on my legs because of the swollen-- the swolleness of my legs.

BROOKE KATZ: The condition worsened to the point where he needed a new kidney, and the search started for a donor. Juan heard there was a low probability he could be a match.

JUAN MANUEL: I ate healthy, lived a healthy lifestyle. It was-- I didn't know. Nobody knew if he really needed one, but that probability was enough for me.

BROOKE KATZ: We asked Juan, who's married with children, if there was any hesitancy about donating.

JUAN MANUEL: There's always a voice in the back of your mind wondering, well, what if my kids need a kidney, and although that was a concern, I also know that-- that, you know, he really needed a kidney. So then you left it up to-- you know, you leave it up to God.

BROOKE KATZ: The transplant in 2019 was a success, and Adrian, who's now 12, has seen a big turnaround.

ADRIAN MANUEL: It has changed a lot. I'm definitely more happy because of I don't have to be connected to a machine for 10 hours during the night.

BROOKE KATZ: The brothers are bonded together by love and a kidney, something they're reminded of by a painting one gave Adrian the night before the transplant.

JUAN MANUEL: I gave him a copy, and I have a copy, myself, of the kidney. So you know, it just represents that we're bonded by this kidney.

ADRIAN MANUEL: Thank you for giving me basically a new life.

BROOKE KATZ: Brooke Katz, "CBS 11 News".

- Bravo to both of you, Juan and Adrian. April, by the way, is National Donate Life month. It's a chance to raise awareness, to register as an organ, eye, or even tissue donor. If you'd like to do that you can go to cbsdfw.com. Clock on links and numbers. We've got the information for you right there.