LI man kicked by officers after arrest to sue, demands prosecution

A Long Island man who was repeatedly kicked by police officers after he was arrested will be filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against Suffolk County, the Suffolk County Police Department, and nearly a dozen officers.

Video Transcript

- Those two cops on Long Island, tonight they are suspended without pay after body Cam footage showed them kicking a suspect after he was in custody and while he was handcuffed. Authorities say the confrontation happened last month in the Suffolk County Hamlet of Mount Sinai. A driver had just been arrested for a chase and then crashing a stolen vehicle into two police cars. Video shows two officers kicking the suspect several times while he's on the ground. Other cops did not intervene.

GERALDINE HART: Now Monday morning, I reviewed the video myself and action against those officers was taken today. We have to hold our officers to the highest standards. The actions of these two officers are concerning, and what is equally unacceptable is the number of officers who did not intervene, which is a direct violation of our rules and procedures.

- And because of that three other cops and a supervisor have been placed on modified duty, Suffolk County DA now investigating the case.