2-year-old British girl died after eating toilet cleaner, was released from hospital one week before her death

Joseph Wilkinson, New York Daily News
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A 2-year-old British girl died last July after eating a toilet cleaner, and she had been released from the hospital one week before her death, investigators said.

Arietta-Grace Barnett ate a Toilet Duck capsule on June 28, 2019, and started vomiting pink liquid, the BBC reported. Her mom took her to a hospital in Southampton along the southern British coast.

After three full days in the hospital, doctors allowed Arietta-Grace to leave with her family July 2 as her condition improved, according to the BBC. But on July 9, she was rushed back to the facility after going into cardiac arrest and died later that day.

Coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp ruled Arietta-Grace’s death accidental, the Guardian reported. Rhodes-Kemp also said she could not prove the Toilet Duck capsule had caused the deadly corrosion in Arietta-Grace’s esophagus.

Rhodes-Kemp said further investigation was needed into Arrieta-Grace’s death, according to the BBC. Simon Keys, a pediatric surgeon, said he’d never seen anything like her condition.

“If this is the explanation for the injury, it’s the first time it’s been described,” Keys said. “It’s a tragedy clearly, it has wide implications for everybody in the medical community treating people with this type of injury and for the people making these products.”


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