Man shoots wife, then himself in doctor's office, police say

An eyewitness told police the man made a threat just before shooting his wife. "I"m going to kill you. I want you to die."

Video Transcript

ILONA CARSON: Two people shot at a health clinic in West Houston.

ERIK BARAJAS: ABC 13 Reporter Ted Oberg is at the HCA Houston Health Care West with the latest. Ted.

TED OBERG: Yeah, it happened, Erik and Ilona, right in the building behind me, we believe. This is a complex of medical offices, some hospitals, some doctors offices, but police officers in the Houston police department just telling us a few minutes ago that inside one of the offices a man walked in, allegedly shot his wife, and then shot himself. She will be OK. He is deceased.

They're not exactly telling us where it was, but from witnesses, eyewitnesses tell us that it was just before 3:00 o'clock that they heard urgent calls from security officials inside the building, get out, get out, evacuate the building. And they are here in the parking lot. Many of them, obviously, still very shaken by what happened.

Some of them were just brought inside by a police officer, who told them they could he would escort them in to get their personal belongings. Obviously, this happened just about an hour ago. So police still trying to sort it all out, but what we do know, Erik and Ilona, is that it appears the danger is over.

There is no gunman on the loose. The man who police say walked in and shot his wife is deceased here on the scene. His wife, police say, will be OK, but we will learn a lot more, as the afternoon progresses, about how, and where, and when, and why.

But for right now, all of these offices appear closed. The building is secure. The police response heavy. And we wait for some more information. Live on the West Side Ted Oberg, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.