2 Pitcairn Police Officers Help Deliver Baby

Two Pitcairn police officers helped deliver a baby.

Video Transcript

KEN RICE: A couple of Pitcairn police officers helped deliver a baby. They say they got the call last night for a mother in labor. When they arrived at the home, they say they realized they were not going to be able to wait for the medics to get there. The baby was on its way. Officer Anthony Peduzzi says he was nervous, but his training kicked in.

ANTHONY PEDUZZI: You get a call like that, it's-- it's different from the norm for us, obviously. And however, it became the situation. I mean, that's not something you really deal with every day. So you resort back to your training, and you kind of put your nerves aside, and then just react the way that any other officer would react.

And the mother, I couldn't explain how brave she was handling the situation. I couldn't say that if I was in the same situation, I would have been so calm. But her and the father handled it very well.

KEN RICE: Medics showed up a few minutes later and took the new mom and the baby to the hospital. All are doing well.