2 Shootings Unfold On 605 Freeway Within 6 Hours Of Each Other

Two more shootings unfolded this weekend on a Southland freeway, authorities said. One triggered a crash, while the second left a man wounded. Joy Benedict reports.

Video Transcript

AMY JOHNSON: Well there has been more violence on the road. Two more shootings on a southland freeway, one triggered a crash, the second left a man wounded. Now both incidents happened on the 605 Freeway in Irwindale. The motorcycle shooting occurred at Arrow Highway, the car shooting at Lower Azusa Road. KCAL 9's Joy Benedict is live at Irwindale with, really, just a frightening story for any motorist.

JOY BENEDICT: It really is. You know, we've been talking a lot about freeway shootings, whether it's BBs or bullets, and it really is a scary situation as we all don't realize just how vulnerable we are when we're out on the freeways. But last night, in less than six hours, there were two freeway shootings in about a two-mile stretch of the roadway. And it was here at this roadway behind me. This is the southbound lanes of the 605 Freeway. You can see traffic is moving quite along, but it was last night, at about 11:30, the most recent one, and that involved a motorcyclist on the roadway, and he was shot in the leg. Take a look at this video.

Again, it happened at about 11:23 last night, not too long ago, when we are told that someone on a motorcycle, a man in his 30s, was riding in the southbound lanes. For whatever reason, we are told someone pulled up next to him, most likely on another motorcycle, and opened fire. The 30-year-old man from Azusa was taken to USC Medical Center. He was shot in the leg. He is expected to be OK.

Less than six hours before that, it was a similar scene just a couple of exits down. This one on Lower Azusa Road in the southbound lanes of the 605 Freeway. That is when there were two young women, an 18 and a 21-year-old, driving in a BMW, heading southbound near Lower Azusa Road when for whatever reason, another vehicle, a dark-colored sedan, a couple of lanes away, opened fire on their car. We are told that the car was hit numerous times on the passenger side in the rear of that vehicle. The shooting itself caused the driver of that vehicle to lose control and slam her car into the median.

Now the good news in this scenario is that both those young ladies, the 18 and the 21-year-old, we're told from Pasadena area, they both were able to survive that shooting. They are OK, there were no reports of injuries, and they were able to walk away from that crash. We don't have a lot of information on the suspects in that particular shooting. We're told the suspect, or suspects, happened to be in a dark-colored sedan, possibly black or blue in color.

Right now-- right now, investigators are looking for any information from anyone who may have been on the road. So the times again, around 5:23 yesterday evening, 11-- just after 11:00 last night. Those are the two time frames that they're looking at. If you happen to be on the 605 in the southbound or northbound, and didn't know what was going on, you saw someone speeding away, you're certainly urged to contact the CHP. But Amy, it's just a very terrifying situation as it seems that, as we know, crime seems to be up all over the area, specifically shootings, and now we're seeing them on the freeway as well. [INAUDIBLE] back to you.

AMY JOHNSON: Certainly frightening, Joy. Thank you.