2 shot after Hong Kong police fire live rounds at pro-democracy demonstrators

Catherine Garcia

Hong Kong police shot at least two pro-democracy protesters on Monday morning, after the demonstrators attempted to block a busy street.

The chaos began when a traffic officer started tussling with a protester, The Washington Post reports. Another demonstrator then began to approach them, and the officer fired a live round into the person's stomach. Two more rounds were then fired at another protester. A police spokesperson said the two injured demonstrators have been taken to a hospital.

Hong Kong has been rocked by unrest for the last five months, with protesters first hitting the streets after a bill was introduced that would make it legal for suspects arrested in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China to face trial. During a protest earlier this month, a demonstrator fell from a parking structure while police tried to disperse the crowd; the protester died on Friday, which led others in the movement to call for a general strike on Monday.

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