2 Studies Say New Coronavirus Variant Spreading in NYC

Outside experts have not reviewed either study.

Video Transcript

- Keep calm. That's what New York Health leaders and scientists said after two separate studies published this week found a COVID variant spreading in the city. Now, the study also found in other parts of the Northeast. Something scientists want you to keep in mind, though, outside experts have not reviewed either study just yet.

DAVID CHOKSHI: The big picture here, because that's what we have to hang on to, the science around this is just less established compared to other variants like the UK variant. And from these new studies, while they are important, as Dr. [INAUDIBLE] said, they remain quite exploratory with respect to the-real world effects.

- Dr. Anthony Fauci says the variant found in New York is concerning, but ultimately getting the vaccine is the key to stopping the spread.

ANTHONY FAUCI: And it's something you really want to pay attention to because it has some worrisome mutations in it, the cluster of mutations. Again, that's the reason why keep doing the public health measures and get as many people vaccinated as you possibly can. Everything you throw at us about a mutant is going to be countered by getting people vaccinated.