2 Suspects Charged In Connection With Fatal Shooting In Parking Lot Of Columbia Mall, Police Say

Howard County Police have charged two suspects in connection with the fatal shooting in the parking lot at the Mall in Columbia in December 2020.

Video Transcript

RICK RITTER: Kelsey, thank you. New at 7 o'clock tonight, two people under arrest, charged in the shooting death of a man at the Mall in Columbia. So back in December, you may remember 20-year-old Anthony Patterson was killed in the parking area in front of the Main Event entertainment venue. Investigators say he got into a verbal fight with 29-year-old Charles Busey, and then a short time later, 17-year-old Angelo Dean shot him. That's according to police. Now, they believe Busey drove the getaway car in this incident. Still no indication that the trio actually knew each other before the incident.