2 suspects let out of chase driver's car in middle of pursuit

Now, officers are looking for two Hispanic men in the area.

Video Transcript

- We have some breaking news right now. SkyEye over the scene of a chase. As you can see, I believe it is that vehicle that police are right after. Looks like he's maneuvering out of the highway.

CHAUNCY: Yeah, going over the medium.

- Where exactly is this? Do we know what highway?

DON: Yes, it's the 610 South Loop, jumped off the main lanes over here and now on the feeder heading westbound. I've got the sky map technology up. Here you go. They're turning right on Broad Street right here. You can see that HPD is close behind.

They started off with 225. We just got word of this, and found the chase coming off of 225 and the 610 East Loop. Now we're over here in Southeast Houston, kind of behind the Gulf Gate area.

As you can see, there's a police car right behind them there, and this is going to wind through the neighborhood. Always a dangerous situation, especially in a neighborhood. You never know where the children are. You never know slow cars, what you're coming up on.

Unless this driver happens to have real knowledge of exactly where he is-- is that a door open? Are they getting out of the car while it's rolling? Now we're running.

It looks like a juvenile. They're running back behind. I would imagine that there will be, that there will be Police in pursuit here momentarily.

- Gosh, he's--

DON: We're going to follow, we're going to follow, yeah, we're going to follow the subject instead of the car.

- Yeah. Is the car still rolling? Can you see that, Don?

DON: I can't see, I can't see that, and I don't want to lose the subject--

- Exactly. We understand.

CHAUNCY: Don, it appears only one person got out of-- this, this one young man, and he looks pretty young.

- He does.

CHAUNCY: Only one person jumping out of that car while it was still going, and it looked like he actually jumped out of the driver's seat. Is that-- does that true from what you saw from your vantage point?

DON: Yeah, that's what it looked, that's what it looked like to me, Chauncy. Jumped out of the driver's seat. Don't have any clue what happened to the car. I guess it continued rolling. Pardon me?

- So it looks like he went into--

DON: Oh, the car is coming.

- Go ahead, Don.

DON: OK, hold, hold on. Hold on just a minute.

CHAUNCY: All right, now once again--

DON: So, apparently, so it wasn't the driver that jumped out, apparently--

CHAUNCY: Oh, gotcha.

DON: --because the car--

CHAUNCY: Is back on the road.

DON: --clearly is still on the street.

- Oh, goodness.

DON: Yep, back on the road.

- Oh, there goes somebody in the passenger. Looks like they're trying to get out as well, possibly?

CHAUNCY: Yeah, see the door open? There's another person trying to also get out. And that also, that person also just takes off running. Now, the other young man, we saw him--

- Went into a home.

CHAUNCY: --he went into a home. We don't know if that's his home, or--

- So that's two suspects plus the driver. It looks like maybe the driver is allowing the people that are with him to sort of get out throughout the neighborhood and try to escape. And maybe-- who knows if he has a plan, if he's just going to continue to just circle this neighborhood here.

CHAUNCY: And Don, we have to point out how dangerous this is, because this is an actual neighborhood that they are going through right now, traveling at this high rate of speed.

- In a neighborhood, yeah, this is just so alarming. Hopefully nobody is out in the streets trying to get anywhere near this vehicle, because you just don't know what he's about to do. So again, we're going to recap this for you right now. If you're just tuning in to ABC 13 here at 3 o'clock. So there was a high speed chase with the suspect here--

CHAUNCY: Oh, looks like they just crashed.

- --just crashed into a ditch. There were two other suspects inside with this driver. One of them got out, went into a home. Another one just a few seconds later also got out. Now you can see that police have this driver here. It looks like he has his hands up.

CHAUNCY: Has his hands up. Yes.

- His hands up.

CHAUNCY: Yeah, this, this driver just crashing right there at this intersection. And folks, this is an actual neighborhood that they were in, this driver was going through. But as you see, just crashing there at this intersection.

Police holding this suspect there as the driver's hands are up we see. As they are trying to get him to come out of this car, we do know that during this chase we saw one person, looked like a young man, get out of the car.

- He had a backpack, uh-huh.

CHAUNCY: And then the second person also jumping out of the passenger side car, just before the driver crashed right here at this intersection. And we want to take it back up to Don Armstrong so you can give us a good lay of the land as to where we are inside of this neighborhood. Don?

DON: This is Askew and Huey Street. We have our SkyMac technology up right now. And as you can see, this is the Pasadena Police Department that was in pursuit of this black car.

We don't know why they were in pursuit. We don't know why they wouldn't pull over when asked to pull over, but it was a high speed pursuit. Started over in the Pasadena area. Not exactly sure where it started, but somewhere off of 225. It came down 225, headed westbound, and then went over onto the 610 East Loop and around to the South Loop where we are now, just off of the South Loop over here in Southeast Houston.

I think that he's waiting for more assistance to join him here. Because this is a lone officer, and very dangerous situation for a lone officer.

CHAUNCY: And Don, that was my next question. It seemed like that, you know, when we have chases like this, that there are several officers following this car. But it seemed like from maybe even 225 when this all started to when we picked it up live here on the news at 3 o'clock, there has been this lone officer chasing this, going after this one car the entire time through this neighborhood. And we see backup just arriving there on the scene.

- Now, and we still don't know where the other two suspects are here in this neighborhood. We understand this is the Brookline Park neighborhood, and just nearby there is Brookline Elementary. So Don did mention as this car was driving around, it could be a dangerous situation for anyone.

CHAUNCY: And we see that suspect as officers are directing him. He is backing up towards the officers. You see he has his hands up as they are directing him as to what to do now.

- He looks very young.

CHAUNCY: Yeah, as a matter of fact, the other two who jumped out, out of the car, also--

- Looked very young as well.

CHAUNCY: --looked very young. All right.

- So it looks like we have more officers trying to get a hold of this situation here, and he is finally going to be arrested right now.