CMS substitute teacher says she won’t return to school after being attacked by 2 students

Two teen girls are accused of attacking a substitute teacher Wednesday afternoon at Turning Point Academy, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The 16- and 17-year-old students were charged with assault and disorderly conduct after they “got aggressive toward a teacher,” CMS said.

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Turning Point Academy is the district’s alternative school where students are assigned when they are removed from a traditional school setting.

The 57-year-old substitute teacher, Renata Horton, told Channel 9′s Jonathan Lowe she no longer believes it’s fulfilling its mission of redirecting student behavior. She has no plans to return to the school.

Horton said she was simply requiring students to follow the rules before the attack.

“They already know if Horton is back there, Horton (isn’t going to) let all that stuff slide and get away,” Horton said.

The teacher told Channel 9 she suffered injuries to her head, neck, and hand.

Horton said she never imagined that when she started substituting at the alternative school in December 2022 that it would lead to her being attacked.

“Somebody needs to get up out their bed and shut that school down,” Horton said. “They’re going to let somebody sneak a gun in there next.”

Horton said she told the girls to take off their hoodies because students are not allowed to wear them.

A behavior modification technician, who is someone trained in managing student behavior, was also in the room, she said.

“The BMT jumps up in my face and says, ‘Hold up Miss Horton … And everybody else knows that she walks around with her hoodie all the time.’”

One of the girls charged toward Horton without warning, the teacher said.

The other girl came from behind and pulled her to the ground, according to Horton.

“And when she knocked me down, that’s when she got her hands on me,” Horton said. “And she jumped behind me and was choking me back here, and pulling me on my neck, and pulling all my hair. And that’s when they started beating me.”

Horton said the attack happened with the BMT in the room.

“I had a hard time trying to get myself up out of that position,” Horton said. “As tall as I am, with all the kids around me like that, to try to get up and pull up on anything. Where was that man? The BMT? Where was he?”

Another BMT from another part of campus ran to her rescue and forced the girls off her, Horton said.

“And then this other student that hangs out with them says, ‘I bet you can now pick up one of your (hair) locks that they pulled out because you just got your ass beat by two students,’” Horton told Channel 9.

Horton said that no one offered to call a paramedic or take her to a hospital.

Horton’s daughter took her to get medical treatment.

“I’m hurt that I didn’t have hardly no support today, because I’ve been nothing but good to Turning Point,” Horton said. “I don’t call out. I’m a sub and anytime them kids ask me for something to eat, I give it to them.”

Horton’s daughter forbids her mother from returning to the school.

Horton said she’s not arguing with that.

“They need help,” Horton said. “They need more support, or the people who are at the schools that’s in these roles, they need better training.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers responded to the call after the attack at the school on Moores Chapel Road in west Charlotte.

They did not find any weapons.

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