2 Tractor Trailers Headed To Texas With Food From Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation organized two tractor trailers with shelf-stable food to donate to Texans in need.

Video Transcript

- President Biden and the First Lady will head to Houston Friday. The president is expected to meet with local leaders to talk about the recovery effort after the crippling winter storm. Millions of Texans lost power and had no drinkable water for days. The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation sent food there today. Two tractor trailers loaded with food left Foxborough. A marine in Texas, who knew about the program, reached out to ask for help.

REP. STEVEN XIARHOS: He sent me a little text on Friday, kind of saying, hey X, I see what you're doing, we could use some food in Texas. And I looked at it, I said, Oh my God, you know. So I went to the man, Don Cox, and I asked him about it. I could see the look in his eyes was like, wow, that's a lot of work, but you know what, it's the right thing to do. And here we are a few days later.

- The [? Patriots ?] Foundation is just one of several local groups that helped make the massive shipment of food possible.