2 Women Rescued From Barricade Situation, House Fire In Southwest Philadelphia

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

- Developing tonight and more violence to speak of, we learned a man who police believe was the suspect in a domestic violence dispute has been found dead. It comes after Philadelphia police rescued two women from a house in Southwest Philadelphia shortly before it was set on fire. Eyewitness News reporter Howard Monroe has this story.

NICHOLAS DEBLASIS: The two officers from the 12th district will most likely be recognized through our combination process.

HOWARD MONROE: Two Philadelphia police officers are being praised for their work to safely rescue two women from this house on South 71st Street moments before it was set on fire.

NICHOLAS DEBLASIS: Swiftly, alertly jeopardize, put themselves in harm's way to save this elderly female as they face this man with a gun, while inside the property.

HOWARD MONROE: It all started at about 3:30 Saturday morning. Philadelphia police were called to this house and found a woman who says she was being held against her will at gunpoint by her boyfriend.

NICHOLAS DEBLASIS: She was pistol whipped, is what we later learned, with the handgun. She suffered injuries to the forehead.

HOWARD MONROE: Police were able to get her out, and then they were told another older woman was still inside. All the while, police say they smelled gas but still went inside to save the elderly woman.

NICHOLAS DEBLASIS: At that time when they were removing the female from the property, they were met face-to-face with the 56-year-old male who had a gun and pointed it at the officers.

NICHOLAS DEBLASIS: In the confrontation, the officers say, the man threatened to shoot them. Moments after getting the woman out of the house the house caught fire. The adjacent property also suffered fire damage. In Southwest Philadelphia, Howard Monroe, "CBS 3 Eyewitness News".