20-40-100 Years Ago -- Aug. 6

Aug. 6—100 Years Ago

Aug. 6, 1922

This date was a Sunday. The Frederick News-Post did not publish a Sunday edition at this time.

40 Years Ago

Aug. 6, 1982

The majority of the 1,000 employees who work for Litton Bionetics Inc. at the cancer research complex at Fort Detrick will be hired by the new contractor who signed agreements with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) this week. "With minor exceptions, the jobs are very secure," said Richard White, president of the Rockville-based Program Resources Inc. (PRI). For the next five years, the administration and laboratories at the Frederick Cancer Research Facility (NCI-FCRF) will be operated by PRI.

Susan Gesling, of Monrovia, was crowned the 1982-83 Maryland Dairy Princess Thursday evening during the 21st annual coronation held at the Sheraton Inn-Frederick. Ms. Gesling is the first Frederick County (Area II) Dairy Princess to win the state title since 1974, when Melissa Dudrow, formerly of Frederick, was chosen. Besides being named the state winner, Ms. Gesling, a daughter of Mrs. Thelma Gesling and the late James Gesling, was also named Miss Congeniality by the other contestants and was chosen by the judges for having the best skit.

(Editor's note: This date was a Sunday in 1972. The Frederick News-Post did not publish a Sunday edition at this time.)

20 Years Ago

Aug. 6, 2002

A storm packing fierce winds, roaring thunder and brilliant lightning bolts made its way through Frederick County on Monday afternoon. David Wiles was sitting in his truck on Boyer's Mill Road when he saw several bolts of lightning. About the same time, Frederick County Sheriff's Deputy Roger Venzin said he happened to look at a house he was driving past. "Something didn't look right, so I went down the road to turn around," he said. A huge tree with a trunk more than 6 feet in diameter had been blown on top of a single-story brick house.

A referendum on annexation is expected to draw hundreds of residents to the voting booth today as Brunswick wraps up 18 months of debate over a proposed 1,500-home development. Whether the Brunswick Crossing annexation passes "is going to depend on the turnout," Brunswick Mayor Carroll Jones said Monday. "If there's a low turnout, it will probably fail. However, representatives of both sides of the issue are passionate about this, so I think if a higher number turn out, the votes [to pass] will probably be there."

A 29-year-old nursing student at Allegany College in Cumberland overcame withering heat and asthma to claim the women's title at the U.S. marbles championships in Middletown. Amy Yarbrough, of Ridgley, W.Va., said Sunday's 90-plus-degree weather took a toll on her, but she persevered to beat her 15-year-old opponent for the $500 prize and trophy. About 70 mibsters competed in the ninth annual tournament at Middletown Park.