20-50-100 Years Ago -- June 11

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Jun. 11—100 Years Ago

June 11, 1921

Unable to rally from the effects of a kick in the side by a horse, Norman Lee Strine, 14 years old, grandson of Mrs. Isaac Strine, near Troutville, died at the city hospital yesterday afternoon. The lad was driving a horse into the stable from a field for the purpose of hitching it to a buggy for his grandmother Thursday morning when the animal turned suddenly, gave him a vicious kick in the right side of his chest and ran back into the field.

Dr. H.S. Hedges, health officer of Brunswick, has submitted a report to the mayor and council dealing with the cases of smallpox, which recently developed in that town. The progress of the cases covered a period of about two months, and during that time, 41 cases came under the observation of the health authorities. The disease was confined to persons who had not been vaccinated.

Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14, will be appropriately celebrated at Mount Olivet Cemetery at 7 o'clock in the evening under the auspices of Frederick Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. Citizens are especially requested to display flags in honor of the day. Regent Mrs. Francis H. Markell will read the American Creed and make a few remarks.

50 Years Ago

June 11, 1971

Four farms and 250 acres of corn were sprayed with the chemical agent "malathion" Thursday, as two helicopters flown in from Gettysburg spent most of the day attempting to rid Frederick County of its armyworm menace. According to Kenneth E. Shifflet, county extension agent, Marvin E. Frederick of the Miller Chemical company coordinated the spraying of 150 acres of the Walter Martz farm in Yellow Springs; 60 acres of the Rhudel Putman farm, also in Yellow Springs; and 40 acres of J. Trego Zimmerman of Walkersville and Ray Smith of Reich's Ford Road.

A black bear startled a few Brunswick city residents Thursday morning, marching down Jay Street and rambling through fields near Knoxville. Brunswick City Police said the bear, about 5 feet tall, either swam the Potomac River or crossed the bridge at Brunswick, and it was seen heading south on Va. 287 at about 7 p.m. They said the bear probably came out of the mountains of West Virginia, where such bears are common.

20 Years Ago

June 11, 2001

Having appraised the value of White House gifts during the Clinton administration, Barry and Jean Hagen have heard their share of questions — and jokes — about furniture and a certain Monica Lewinsky dress. But the New Market couple would rather respond to inquiries such as those from people bearing antiques at a fundraiser in Woodsboro on Saturday. Questions like: How much is this antique worth? "We appraised the gifts the Clintons received for eight years," Mrs. Hagen said.

Equipment failure knocked out power to 5,000 customers Sunday in west Frederick for eight hours, plaguing dozens of businesses and forcing police to direct traffic at intersections where stoplights went out. Burned out components at an Allegheny Power substation caused the blackout, which included part of the Golden Mile of West Patrick Street.

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