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30 Cute Baby Halloween Costumes Your Friends Haven't Thought of Yet

While your youngest may still be too young to trick-or-treat or watch scary movies, the best thing about those first couple of Halloweens is that you have total say over your baby's Halloween costume. Once they get to choose on their own, it’ll be an endless parade of princesses, superheroes, and minions. But until then, you get to project your tastes and interests onto them.

So, what will it be? Will you go with something heart-meltingly cute, or incongruously scary? (They always look so cute, even if you put them in devil horns or demon makeup.) Maybe you’ll decide to go for a big laugh. Or, are you going to go with one of your favorite movies or TV shows, like Star Wars or Stranger Things? However you want to dress your baby for Halloween, we’ve got a costume that’s up your alley.

If your child doesn’t fit into baby costumes anymore - they grow up so fast, don’t they? - we’ve still got you covered with creative kid costumes - even if you’ve waited until the last minute. (Your dog can also get in on your Halloween costumes too). Now, go out there and bring home all of the candy.