$20 Million In CARES Funding Announced To Support WA Tribes

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OLYMPIA, WA — The state has announced an additional $20 million dollars in CARES Act funding will go to support Washington's Tribes while they battle the coronavirus pandemic.

“Communities across the state are working to respond to the health and economic impacts of the virus,” Washington State Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown said. “Tribes in Washington state are an important part of our communities, both culturally and economically. It is critical we get this money out to the Tribes as quickly as possible to help support families, businesses and organizations that need the resources and support the state’s recovery.

According to the Department of Commerce, each of the state's 29 federally recognized Tribes will receive $380,000 to start, then the remaining $7.98 million will be distributed based on the number of employees and enrolled members each Tribe has.

That money cam be used for a variety of expenses as long as they help the Tribe's emergency response to the pandemic, including expenses like public health spending, emergency response staff, and supporting local medical facilities. It can also be used for social support programs paying for food, housing and job support.

“We are fortunate to have solid relationships with our neighboring governments, and we have been working closely with them throughout the pandemic to protect everyone,” said Puyallup Tribal Chairman David Z. Bean. “The coronavirus doesn’t recognize boundaries or jurisdictions. That’s why we must all work together to help fight it, protect our communities and recover from its devastating effects.”

The latest $20 million in grants is in addition to an earlier $10 million in state emergency funds granted to Tribes back in March and April, near the first peak of the pandemic.

Learn more about the latest funds and the other ways the state Department of Commerce is responding to the coronavirus on their website here.

This article originally appeared on the Puyallup Patch

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