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Today, crossovers and SUVs are everywhere. Vehicles with gobs of horsepower are slightly less so, but still are surprisingly prevalent. So, what about the, ahem, crossover between popular high-riding SUVs and high-horsepower engines? It's relatively easy to find an SUV with around 400 horsepower, so we'e used that number as the baseline for this list of super-SUVs that you can waltz into dealership today and drive home with upwards of 500, 600, and even 700 horsepower. That kind of muscle embarrasses most muscle cars and out-supers a good deal of supercars. Of course, crossovers and SUVs tend to be hefty vehicles, so the extra power doesn't hurt . . .

But just which of these super-SUVs is the most potent? Here are the 20 crossovers and sport-utes with the most horsepower currently for sale in the U.S. Scroll through, you might even end up a little surprised at what makes the list.

(A quick note: We've listed only the most powerful iteration of a given model; for example, several versions of the Bentley Bentayga make our cut, but we've included only the most powerful variant to avoid duplicate entries.)

The 20 Most Powerful Crossovers and SUVs You Can Buy in 2019

Is 400 horsepower not enough for your people- and cargo-hauler in 2019? How does 500, 600, or 700 horsepower sound?

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