20-year-old vanishes after moving to California from across the US, Indiana mom says

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A 20-year-old woman who recently moved from Indiana to California to be with her boyfriend has been missing for more than three weeks, her family says.

The mother of Lateche Norris, who was last heard from Nov. 5, has now traveled across the country to help in the search for her missing daughter.

Cheryl Walker said her daughter arrived in San Diego on Nov. 1 and had “multiple arguments” with her boyfriend upon moving to California. Walker said both Norris and her boyfriend can not be reached.

A missing person’s report was filed Nov. 10, but a San Diego Police spokesperson said last week there was not enough information to believe Norris was “at risk,” according to NBC News.

Police told NBC News they are investigating the woman’s disappearance, but her mom feels they are not doing enough to help find her daughter.

“I watch empathy transition to grief and they console me as if the outcome is already decided,” Walker said in a Facebook post. “It’s truly an atmosphere indescribable to relay virtually or by word of mouth. So much beauty, and pain. A wonderful sense of community, yet overwhelming indifference.”

Norris is 5 feet, 8 inches, 160 pounds with dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen in a San Diego 7-11 store on Nov. 4 wearing black leggings, a black sweatshirt and carrying a black and white checkered backpack.

Walker said Norris moved to California when her boyfriend was forced to live on the street, according to the TV station.

Norris abruptly ended a phone call with her mom Nov. 5 and said she’d called her back, Walker wrote on Facebook, but the returned call never happened.

The mother told NBC News she feels “something is wrong.”

The AWARE Foundation and A Voice for the Voiceless are both involved in the search for Norris.

“All of this is uncharacteristic. If Lateche ever says ‘I’m going to call you back,’ she calls back,” Whitney Sich, founder of A Voice for the Voiceless, told KRON. “It’s been three weeks now. There are no signs of life of her anywhere.”

Anyone with information into Norris’ disappearance is asked to contact San Diego police at 619-531-2446 or email FindLateche@gmail.com.

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