20 photos capture wild weather moments from 2019

Mark Puleo

From record-setting rainfall in Texas that was eerily similar to Harvey's deluge in 2017, to massive wildfires in California and Alaska, every corner of the United States experienced incredible weather events in 2019.

Take a look below at some of the most memorable images from the past 12 months and the weather culprits behind them.

Over the course of less than three months, residents on the Carolina coastlines found themselves buried by two of the most impactful weather events of 2019.

First, in September, Hurricane Dorian tracked directly for the Outer Banks following its destruction in the Bahamas. After leaving billions of dollars of damage in the island nation, the hurricane danced along the East Coast before pounding North Carolina with deadly impacts in the first week of September. Devastating flooding and widespread power outages blocked off entire communities within the Outer Banks from neighboring areas. Even before Dorian arrived, a tornado from an outer band of the hurricane inflicted damage.

Then, before the end of November, another round of heavy winds came by way of a "no-name nor'easter" that struck the same exact region. Dangerous waves pushed sand well inland, completely destroying dunes and burying entire neighborhoods under feet of sand.

Record-breaking flooding left much of southeastern Texas underwater in September after Tropical Storm Imelda dumped over 2 feet of rain in some areas.

The highest rainfall report came in from around the Beaumont-Port Arthur areas. An observation site near Taylor's Bayou near Hamshire reported 43.39 inches of rain.

In the hottest year in the history of the coldest state in the country, Alaska saw weather impacts like never before in 2019. Home of the country's largest wildfire of the year and one of the country's longest heat waves, The Last Frontier has seen major shifts in temperature patterns in recent years, beginning to completely change Alaskans' way of life.

From Louisiana to Texas to Wisconsin, massive tornadoes wreaked widespread havoc throughout the country from spring to winter.

An outbreak in the second half of May produced more than 500 tornado reports, including two of the year's three EF4 twisters. The first EF4 occurred in Dayton, Ohio, on May 27 and the second occurred the next day in Linwood, Kansas.

More tornadoes - 147 - touched down in Oklahoma in 2019 than any other year in the state's history.

From the 1,661 tornado reports around the country in 2019, 42 fatalities were attributed to the storms, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

From the Kincade Fire in the northern portion of California to the Tick Fire outside Los Angeles, the 2019 wildfire season was notable for how close the blazes burned near majorly populated areas.

Photos from the catastrophes depicted how firefighters from around the country fought through the night to corral the blazes and how devastated families were to return to the spots where their homes once stood.

Golf course groundskeepers at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Moyock, North Carolina, arrived at work on Aug. 20 to a unique discovery. A lightning bolt had directly hit the cup on the course's seventh hole, leaving an impressive electric sprawl along the putting green.

Lightning also struck at the U.S. Women's Open golf tournament in May, hitting a tree on the course during a weather delay.

During a football game between the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 20, a rain-soaked field became a mudpit by the second half and made moving the ball impossible for the offenses.