"Do You Have Ebola? That Is Really The Only Reasonable Excuse Today," And 19 More Absolutely Abhorrent Texts From Terrible Bosses

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Working in retail and service can be....challenging. Customers are one thing to deal with, but when your boss is awful?? It's basically unbearable.

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I've worked in both retail and service and have had my share of terrible bosses.

In case you're in the mood to get your blood boiling on this fine day, here are 20 bosses who are actually making me seethe with rage:

1. This boss, who was angry an injured employee was sitting down:

2. This boss, who said "Stop being a victim" about an employee's father's death THE DAY AFTER:

3. This boss, who texted their bartender at 3 a.m. asking them to come in that day, and berating them for drinking when there was a chance they'd be called in on their day off:

Texts between boss and bartender asking the bartender (at 3 am) to come in that day and the bartender saying they're drinking and aren't going to come in hung over on their day off the and the boss saying they should always be ready for work
u/ThrowRA_1895 / Via reddit.com

4. This boss, who asked their employee to come in on their day off after eight straight days of work, then threatened to take away their health insurance:

5. This boss, who was angry their employee didn't get their PTO approved before literally ending up in the hospital:

6. This boss, who was "very disappointed" in their employee for being sick:

7. And this boss, who still wanted their employee to come in even though her boyfriend was positive for the coronavirus:

Texts between a boss and employee where the employee says they'll have to quarantine with their COVID-positive boyfriend and the employer asks them to come in anyway
u/Rayvyn2Turnt / Reddit / Via reddit.com

8. This boss, who said their employee needed a doctor's note for one day of calling out sick:

Texts between boss and employee where the employee calls out sick and the boss says they can't because there have been too many callouts and they need a doctor's note
u/danighost / Via reddit.com

9. And this boss, who said their employee should come in unless they have Ebola:

10. This boss, who did not respect their employee's PTO:

11. And this boss, who asked their employee to cut an approved vacation short:

12. This boss, who was angry an underage employee didn't store a knife in their locker:

13. This boss, who canceled their employee's shift literally 20 minutes before it started:

14. This boss, who asked their employees to learn "basic manners" after they refused to work 60-plus-hour weeks in a pandemic:

15. This boss, who expected work done after midnight:

16. And this boss, who texted their employee at 3:30 a.m. asking them to come in a few hours later:

17. This boss, who basically said "Screw your family" to their employee:

18. This boss, who asked their pregnant employee to drive during a weather emergency in Texas:

Texts between a boss and employee where the employee says their power is off and it's during a frost and they can't come in and the boss tells them to drive multiple hours on icy roads anyways
u/lafia8 / Via reddit.com

19. This boss, who expected their employee to answer their company phone when they were off:

20. And finally, this boss, who told their employee (who was two hours away and intoxicated) to "sober up and get here" on their day off:

H/T: r/antiwork.

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