20 things that happen in every Grand Designs episode

Olivia Heath
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From Country Living

After 20 years of Grand Designs, some things never change. From presenter Kevin McCloud's profound statements, to a couple announcing wildly ambitious plans, to costs always spiralling out of control, Channel 4's much-loved flagship series follows a predictable narrative that still leaves viewers coming back for more. Even Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is a self-confessed Grand Designs "addict".

Each series of Grand Designs follows home builders pursuing their architectural dreams – and Kevin is there every step of the way, guiding us through the trials and tribulations, from the physical, to the financial, to the emotional.

Now, in a five-minute video, Channel 4 has compiled a list of the top 20 plot lines that make up a typical Grand Designs episode. Take a look below:

  1. We meet a couple…who have loads of money
  2. Couple announce wildly ambitious plans
  3. They have ZERO experience
  4. Plot is a total bomb site
  5. Swanky CGI demonstration
  6. There’s ALWAYS a planning issue
  7. Kevin demonstrates something using objects found in a skip
  8. Expensive materials are ordered…from Scandinavia
  9. Costs spiral out of control
  10. Neighbours REALLY aren’t impressed
  11. They aim to be in by Christmas...they’re not in by Christmas
  12. They move into a caravan
  13. It snows. Loads.
  14. Wife falls pregnant
  15. Builders pull out
  16. Everyone mucks in…including Kevin
  17. Artistic shots of finished building
  18. Kevin gets VERY excited
  19. It’s always WAY over budget. Obviously.
  20. Kevin then says something profound like... ‘Architecture which is full of poetry, which lifts the soul and spirit... A much more valuable resource, human creativity... Imagination, wit, and delight.'

Watch the video below to see the accompanying clips alongside each pointer – it's a great trip down memory lane for Grand Designs fans!

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