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20 Vintage 4x4s That Are Cooler Than Modern SUVs

Practically everyone these days owns a crossover or an SUV—that doesn't necessarily make them uncool, just very common. Want to stand out from the crowd? Go for a classic 4x4 from a time when most Americans were driving cars, not trucks and SUVs. These vintage off-roaders hail from eras when something tall and wagon shaped was expected to have actual four-wheel-drive capability, not merely an adventurous image.

There's rich variety available, too. We gathered this list of 20 old-style 4WD vehicles that are tough enough to get dirty and also offer the just-right spike of nostalgia that makes every mundane trip to the corner grocery store fun in a way modern SUVs just can't match (excepting, of course, the Jeep Wrangler). Click through for each model's history and a look at current values.

20 Vintage 4x4s That Are Cooler Than Modern SUVs

Why buy a new SUV when you could rock one of these classics on the rocks?

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