About 200 children remain in Bakhmut Ukraine's National Police

Currently, about 5,990 civilians, including 200 children, remain in Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, where fierce battles with the invaders continue.

Source: Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast

Residents of the city are counting on the help of law enforcement officers.

They are being supplied with food and hygiene kits, medicines and evacuation.

Photo: triocean2011/Depositphotos

Most of the population has already left, but there are still families with children.

"Despite the damaged police department, the duty station, investigative teams and White Angel evacuation team continue to work in the city on a 24/7 duty", the National Police states.

Recently, a resident of the city of Kostiantynivka, Donetsk Oblast, asked law enforcement officers to take her daughter out of the hotspot in Bakhmut.

Law enforcement officers found out that the girl lives with her father and a friend. They refuse to evacuate, so the 17-year-old girl does not want to leave her family.

The teenagers were convinced to leave, but the man decided to stay.

During the evacuation, shells started to hit the suburb of the neighbourhood where the family lives. In order not to endanger the children, law enforcement officers had to wait in the basement.

After the explosions ended, the girl and the guy were put in an armoured car and taken to Kostiantynivka, where their mother was waiting for them.

If people refuse to evacuate to other oblasts of Ukraine, they agree to take them at least to safer areas of Donetsk Oblast.

They can go to their family, friends, acquaintances, or just choose a more peaceful city in the oblast to live in.

"You can ask for help from the White Angel evacuation group, which works on the Bakhmut front, by calling 066-56-15-102," reports the National Police.

Previously: 7-year-old boy Stas was with his family in his native Bakhmut, when the fiercest battles took place there, and the military barely persuaded his parents to leave. A video of him fearlessly walking the streets of the city in a red fur coat was posted on social media.

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