$200 reward offered for tortoise's return

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Jul. 29—A $200 reward has been offered for the return of Mortimer, the missing sulcota tortoise from Donaldson.

The 15-year-old, 60-pound tortoise disappeared from his yard sometime after 7 p.m. Sunday and before 6 a.m. Monday. Will Kneer, Mortimer's owner, didn't want to talk Friday about the missing tortoise, so Steve Coblentz, his partner, spoke on his behalf.

"I just would like him home," Coblentz said.

The money will be given upon his safe return with no questions asked, Coblentz said.

"He's kind of hard to miss," he said.

Mortimer was in his burrow in the gated backyard Sunday when Kneer, who has had him for 15 years, last saw him. He believes the gate was latched. Mortimer has escaped before when the gate has been unlatched but he was found within minutes. Neighbors have been asking if Mortimer has been found. A security camera has been installed facing the yard to see if Mortimer returns. Watermelon and apples have been placed in the backyard and the gate has even been left open anticipating his return to the area.

Tortoises can go weeks without food or water, according to animals.sandiegozoo.com. Sulcota tortoises, otherwise known as the African spurred tortoise, is the third largest tortoise in the world. They can live for more than 100 years.

The Facebook Page Find Toby in PA, which details the cases of lost pets, shows Mortimer's picture.

Anyone who sees Mortimer is asked to call 717-856-5559.

While saying they hope for his return, each day he is gone the likelihood diminishes he will be found. Asked if he believes someone might have taken Mortimer, Coblentz said that is looking more likely.

"It's just hard," he said.

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