2019: The Year of _____

Jeva Lange

As the last year of the decade, it's easy to look at 2019 as both an encapsulation of the past 10 years and a bellwether for the next 10. Whether that instills optimism or anxiety depends entirely on who you ask.

This much is for certain: It's been another eventful year on planet Earth. Here is how people tried to sum up 2019.

2019 was the...

Year of transition?

Year that tech workers had enough

Year of voice assistant privacy dumpster fires

Year of disappearing CEOs

Year of the gig worker uprising

Year of the fad IPO

Year podcasting broke

Year of the satellite megaconstellation

Year of dark mode

Year of CBD

Year of the chicken

Year of the chicken sandwich

Year of the chicken wars

Year of the instant pot?

Year of the oat?

Year of comfort foods

Year of drinking less

Year of the hangover hack

Year of the ill-advised celebrity interview

Year of babymoons and baby showers

Year of naps

Year of bling

Year of the wellness revolution

Year of the consenticorn?

Year of unstable memes for unstable times

Year of Lucian Freud

Year of the big lizard

Year of Adam Driver

Year of Keanu Reeves

Year of Florence Pugh

Year of Lizzo

Year of Billie Eilish

Year women over 50 reclaimed their right to be seen

Year of body positivity

Year of reunions

Year of crossover country collaborations

Year of the cowboy

Year of us all

Year of the horny SpongeBob lyric

Year the egg went viral

Year of 'Okay boomer,' and the generations were at each other's throats

Year everything was Succession

Year of Jeopardy!

Year of Akira

Year of disappointing blockbusters

Year of way too many streaming services

Year of the Hoo

Year of Megan Rapinoe

Year of the transfer quarterback in college football

Year of the backup QB

Year of the black QB

Year of the home run

Year of too much wrestling

Year of victory and advocacy

Year of restoring justice?

Nearly the year of executing the innocent

Year of bats--t crazy at One America News

Year of the local engagement reporter

Year of whistleblower, once more

Year of turmoil

Year of the protest

Year of the street protester

Year of the climate strike — and mass demands for action

Year a climate truth bomb dropped

Year of climate disaster

Year of stagnation and tragedy

Year of no Brexit (again)

Year of the speaker

Year of WTF

Year of extremes

Year of warnings. And also hope.

Year of 2020

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