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Where many see cars as basic transportation or a monthly payment, we instead see a personality-a statement about our identity, our desires, our priorities. Traditional cars are no longer the mainstream choice, having lost ground to a growing field of higher-riding vehicles. But whereas trucks, crossovers, and SUVs used to express something special about their owners-that they were rugged, adventurous, or dog-owning-cars are increasingly powerful statements about the person behind the wheel. Most people would be better off in a crossover. But commit to driving a car and you stand firm against the great teeming tide of conformity. Park one of our 10Best Cars in your driveway, however, and you plant both feet in the enthusiast camp. Your id will applaud, but so, too, will the other parts of your psyche. Because 10Best Cars are not only full of personality and fun to drive, they also deliver on their missions, with exacting engineering. And they represent real value for the money, which is why we exclude those with base prices above $90,000, newly raised to account for rising transaction prices. Are you what you drive, or do you drive what you are?