2020 election polls: Trump and Biden in Texas ‘dead heat’ as Independent finds President’s mail-in ballots attacks are working

Joe Sommerlad,Gino Spocchia,Oliver O'Connell and Justin Vallejo
·1 min read
US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (AFP via Getty Images)
US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (AFP via Getty Images)

An exclusive poll conducted for The Independent showed two-thirds of American voters are concerned the presidential election will not be fair, suggesting Donald Trump’s sustained attacks on mass mail-in ballots are working.

Despite reduced confidence in the electoral system, 37 million ballots have been reportedly cast across the country while daily polls continue to show Trump and Joe Biden doing battle in key states, including Iowa and even Texas, where they are in a "dead heat".

Trump and Biden also remain statistically tied in North Carolina, with just three percentage points between the two candidates.

In another crucial state, Michigan, the Democratic contender has maintained an impressive seven-point lead over the president.

But Robert Cahaly, the Republican election pollster who correctly forecast Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton four years ago, told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that the president is on track to win again thanks to his “hidden” support from among the electorate.

Wherever the president is currently placed in the polls - either hidden or visible - the experts predict he's unlikely to benefit from the last debate, which places him in a "no win" situation.

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