2020 Fantasy Football MVPs

The FFL cast reveals which players performed at a high level in 2020.

Video Transcript

LIZA LOZA: Who stands out as your Fantasy MVP? The top fantasy scorer of the season in terms of points per game goes to Christian McCaffrey at 27.3. Although he battled injuries, Kyler Murray scored the most fantasy points of any player this season through week 15 with 370. But I want to know who was your pick for 2020 Fantasy MVP. Andy, kick us off.

ANDY BEHRENS: Well, there's a pretty strong case to be made for Alvin Kamara after what he just did. But I'm going to go with Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce has provided the greatest positional advantage in fantasy this season. He's in the running to lead the league in receiving yards, which is ridiculous. He's probably going to set the single season record for a tight end in terms of receiving yards, and he has a shot at the reception record as well.

He entered this week outscoring the number two fantasy tight end. Who's been really good. Darren Waller. Outscoring him by 50 points on the season. And he has doubled up the scoring of the number six fantasy tight end. It's just a huge gap between him and everyone else at his position. Plus, he's been crazy consistent. It's 100 yards, six catches and a touchdown every week.

LIZA LOZA: Matt, who is your Fantasy MVP? I'm going to guess it's a receiver. And I'm also going to assume it's someone who is maybe a master route runner and switched teams this season. MATT HARMON: Wow, you nailed it, Liz. We were talking about this before the show. It's like in fantasy, sometimes you just got to draft the players you like. And I pretty much employ that strategy every single year, which means I have a good fantasy year maybe once every three years.

But this year, drafting Stefon Diggs on basically every team was the money move. I mean, this guy was ranked outside the top 20 receivers, went way outside the top 20 receivers in drafts. He's wide receiver five on the year. He's been a top five set it and forget it guy. First in the NFL in catches, second in the NFL in yards. He's been a stud. He's been extremely consistent as well.

And that value that you got him at. Like, we're. talking about most valuable player Well, the biggest value I think of all year in 2020, was Stefon Diggs, because he's giving you that top level receiver play. He's done it at a deep discount. And it's also been just extremely fun to watch him elevate Josh Allen as well. So it's like a whole cornucopia of goodness here. Not only was he a great value, he also elevated Allen to be that as well. He's doing double time work here in 2020.

LIZA LOZA: Tank, Matt was talking about money moves. We know that you are all about the money moves, and we will get to plenty of that later. But I want to know who was money for you on your redraft roster in 2020.

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, Tyreek Hill. And I feel like it seems like a given like now, that Tyreek Hill is going to ball out every week. But it wasn't always like that. Like if you think back to last year, I think he only add five to seven touchdowns. Like he will blow up, because he's always been like a physical freak, but other times, like he'll just throw the smoke bomb and he'll disappear on your lineup. But no, not this year.

Like 2020 has sucked for everybody, but not Tyreek Hill. The dude has over 1,200 receiving yards, 15 receiving touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns. This dude is a crowd-pleaser each and every week. And when you look at it, like Travis Kelce definitely gives a fantasy owner like a clear advantage, because he's just dominating every other tight end. But a person like me that drafted Tyreek Hill over a Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, and for him to live up to the expectations that I had going into the season, makes me feel like he's definitely a Fantasy MVP.

LIZA LOZA: Mm-hmm. So we had two Chiefs. Now Jared, how are we going to get two Bills as well?

JARED QUAY: Absolutely, OK? Cole Beasley's my MVP. No, I'm playing around, I'm joking. Josh Allen's my MVP. He can be an MVP for the regular season. He's been playing amazing. Obviously, I've got this guy for $9 bucks in the auction draft. And he's been, he's had multiple games of four touchdowns. He runs the ball too. He's not only making Stefon Diggs look great, but he's making Cole Beasley look great. He's making the Bills look great.

I mean, the AFC East is supposed to have good defenses, but Josh Allen's making them look very, very sub-par. And so I just think that he's been playing amazing. And I'm taking him as my MVP. And he's playing a late game today. He's playing late Sunday night. So he's in your fantasy championship going, go ahead, let the other team score, I'm going to play catch-up. I'm going to walk down the other team. And that's why I like him right now. Josh Allen for MVP.

LIZA LOZA: Well, you know, we've talked a lot about the AFC, so I, as someone who reps someone in the NFC North, I'm going to talk about a Minnesota Viking, not a Chicago Bear. It is Dalvin Cook for me. Even though Alvin Kamara, as Andy mentioned earlier, got all that Christmas shine, Cook has been an elite, and here's the key, consistent producer at a volatile position, falling outside of the top 15 fantasy producers just twice all year.

Even when he only played a half against the Seahawks, he still recorded top 10 numbers. We watched Cook not only get fed, but evade tackles and create on the regular without losing steam or getting hurt. So assuming he takes the field next Sunday, he'll have missed one game all year. Last year he was active for 14 games. I think we're going to have to retire the fragility takes on Cook heading into 2021.