This $40 course bundle has 63 hours of data science training

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Data science has fast become one of the most valuable skills in the job market, and for good reason. Businesses that can interpret vast volumes of data are capable of making timely decisions that lead to higher profit, but many people get intimidated by concepts like data science and business intelligence.

While these skills are difficult to learn, they’re not out of reach. With consistent study, you too can land a role in data science, and this six-course bundle can help.

The 2021 Business Intelligence & Data Science Super Bundle features 63 hours of training lessons on fundamentals and tools such as Power BI, machine learning and advanced data structures. These lessons are provided by Skill Success, a learning platform with over 2,000 curated online video courses on categories like technology, personal development, design and more.

Data Science: Business Applications is the first course you should take if you want to start analyzing data in the workplace. Here, you’ll build a working knowledge of using Python in data applications and learn how to present your findings. Similarly, Business Intelligence Using Microsoft Power BI From A to Z will teach you how to visualize data and gather insights from one of the most popular analytics tools on the market.

In the business world, this means that companies that identify trends first will be able to capitalize on them sooner. This makes data scientists a valuable addition to any company, and The 2021 Business Intelligence & Data Science Super Bundle will teach you the skills needed to succeed in this growing field. Normally $1,194, you can purchase this bundle for $40 right now.

Prices are subject to change.

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