2022 College World Series schedule: Playoff bracket, selection show, scores & times

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2022 College World Series schedule: Playoff bracket originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

It's that time of year again: the finale of the college baseball season is upon us. The College World Series pits some of the best programs (and players) in the nation in a winner-take-all tournament.

After the 2020 tournament was cancelled outright due to COVID-19, Mississippi State stormed into the CWS last year to take the national championship. The entire season was a tour-de-force for the Bulldogs, after a 50-18 campaign culminated with a 9-0 victory over Vanderbilt in the final matchup.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the 2022 tournament and the bracket.


When: June 17 - June 27


Stream: ESPN+


Bracket 1

Game 1: Notre Dame def. Texas, 7-3

Game 2: Oklahoma def. Texas A&M, 13-8

Game 3: Texas A&M def. Texas, 10-2 (Texas Eliminated)

Game 4: Oklahoma def. Notre Dame, 6-2

Game 5: Texas A&M d. Notre Dame 5-1 (Notre Dame Eliminated)

Game 6: Oklahoma d. Texas A&M 5-1 (Texas A&M Eliminated)

Oklahoma advances to the CWS Championship Series

Bracket 2

Game 1: Arkansas def. Stanford, 17-2

Game 2: Ole Miss def. Auburn, 5-1

Game 3: Auburn def Stanford 6-2 (Stanford Eliminated)

Game 4: Ole Miss def. Arkansas 13-5

Game 5: Arkansas d. Auburn 11-1 (Auburn Eliminated)

Game 6: Arkansas d. Ole Miss 3-2

Game 7: Ole Miss d. Arkansas 2-0 (Arkansas Eliminated)

Ole Miss advances to the CWS Championship Series

Championship Series: Oklahoma vs. Ole Miss

(Best two-of-three game series)

  • Game 1: Ole Miss d. Oklahoma 10-3

  • Game 2: Ole Miss d. Oklahoma 4-2

Ole Miss wins the 2022 College World Series