2021 Election Results: Races across Chicago suburbs make history

Election results are in from across Chicago's suburbs and some of the races made history.

Video Transcript

- Good morning to you, Tanja. The polls closed a little later last night than usual, which meant results came in later than usual and into the overnight hours. It was a historic night for women.

Let's start in south suburban Flossmoore, where Michelle Nelson wins 58% of the vote, becoming the first female mayor in the town's nearly 100-year history. In Dalton, Tiffany Henyard-- a senior village trustee, becomes the first woman mayor there winning 82% of the vote.

In Mettawa, Jess Ray wins the mayoral seat. Ray was the only candidate on the ballot. Incumbent Casey Urlacher ran as a write-in candidate, after, you'll recall, he, was pardoned by President Trump for his alleged involvement in an offshore gambling ring.

And over in Oak Park, voters decided not to defund their police department, with 68% voting no, 31% voting, yes. More than 30 Cook County precincts had permission to stay open for an additional hour for voting.