2021 Fantasy Genre New Release: Book Two of the Arestus Adventure Fantasy Series Released by Author Mark Wallace Maguire

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Author Mark Wallace Maguire has announced the release of The Last Wizard at the End of the World, the second book in his young adult Arestus Adventure fantasy series. After writing an acclaimed series for an adult audience, Maguire sought to create a new world for young readers while emphasizing the unique human experience of discovering where your dreams, passions, and personal potential fit in a greater society.

In The Last Wizard at the End of the World, Arestus is living comfortably in the kingdom of the Pale Prince, at least until his friend Cirin convinces him to take an adventure across the open seas. The pair are shipwrecked on the island of Hallowell, a kingdom on the brink of war. Their only hope of survival is to find an exiled Wizard who lives at the end of the world.

In his work, Maguire explores themes of growing up and searching for belonging, which will resonate with readers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Although The Last Wizard at The End of the World is intended for a young adult audience, readers of any age will appreciate Maguire’s expert worldbuilding, relatable characters, and expressive language.

Reviewers hail Maguire’s work and compare him to a modern-day C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien. The Last Wizard at The End of the World has been featured by BookFest 2020, VertiKal Life Magazine, and Kid’s Lit Book Cafe, among others. It’s clear that Maguire is an emerging voice to watch in the fantasy genre. His ability to create believable dialogue and colorful worlds for both adult and young adult audiences highlights his versatility as an author.

Mark Wallace Maguire is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of seven fiction and non-fiction books, including the highly praised Alexandria Rising Chronicles. He is an Independent Author of the Year Finalist and a Georgia Author of the Year nominee. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys second breakfast, strong coffee, and hiking. He can be found online at www.alexandriarising.com.

In Pursuit of the Pale Prince and its sequel, The Last Wizard at The End of the World, are available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

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