2021 field hockey preview capsules

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Coaches: Gretchen Curtis and Erin Wainwright

Conference: MVC; Class: C North

Returning athletes: Seniors — Abby Stevens, Alyvia Perreault, Megan Fletcher; Juniors — Morgan Woods, Jayce Brophy, Grace Robbins, Kara Woods, Kallie Errington, Alivia Ellis; Sophomores — Libbie Errington, Kathryn Callendar, Kiera Kelley, Kaylin McLean.

Key losses: Allie Dyke, Kailey Hackett, Alexa Perreault, Page Lueders, Lizzie White, Taylor Bryant.

Promising newcomers: Emily Woods, Alyssa Ellis, Layla Merrill, Amaya Child, Grace Averill, Sylvia Hodsdon, Diana Cayer.

What to expect: An incoming group of freshmen have the potential to develop into a promising contingent and will also strengthen the Cougars' bench.


Coach: Kim Joler

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Last year's results: 4-4-1

Returning athletes: Seniors — Ella Perry, Megan Lachance, Caroline Audette, Charlotte Levasseur, Addison Chute, Addison Avery, Grace Poirier; Junior — Amanda Raymond; Sophomores — Leah Thibodeau, Micah Joler, Helena Moon.

Key losses: Courtney Larson, Sara Maines, Elise Syphers, Emma Samson, Ema Lamontagne, Maizy Demers, Amaya Banks, Hannah Smith.

Promising newcomers: Adrianna Couture, Kasey Smith, and Gabrielle Duplissis.

What to expect: The Red Eddies are counting on a strong defense to hold the line and move the ball forward. The midfielders have speed, stick skills and the ability to pass the ball to the front line. The forwards must follow through on their shots.


Coach: Jess Merrill

Conference: WMC; Class: B South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Bickford (B), Cady Kluck (F); Juniors — Lexi Hutchings (M/B), Julia Libby (M/B), Lorenza Piper (G), Sophomores — Emma Miskin (M/B), Grace Miskin (F), Olivia Knudsen (M), Brianna Fairweather (F), Mia Bowie (F), Teada Chhem (M/F), Taysia Hanscome (M).

Promising newcomers: Emma Hutchings (M/B), Elana Kluck (B), Isabel Humphrey (M/F), Sam Poulin (G), Sam (Uni) McDuffie (M/B), Jocelyn Cook (M/F).

What to expect: First-year coach Jess Merrill isn't sure what to expect this season, but she knows she wants to make the Patriots contenders.


Coach: Wanda Ward-MacLean

Conference: KVAC; Class: B South

Last year's results: 5-3-1

Returning players: Seniors — Megan Nason (B), Cara Jordan (B), Keriah Marston (M), Eve Martineau (M), Daisy Twitchell (B), Sophia Visconti (B), Ava Gagnon (F), Paige DeMascio (G), Cadence McDowell (B), Kaylee Bellmore (F), Courtney Cabral (B); Juniors — Cierra Barker (F), Anna Sargent (F); Sophomore —Emma Beedy.

Key losses: Ginny Twitchell (B), Abby Prosser (B), Shyahn Searles (G/F).

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Ally Langlois (M), Ava Pratt (M), Jazzlyn Clark (F), Grace Gonyea (B); Freshmen — Maddie Morin (M), Olivea Miller (M), Izzy Gates (M), Addie Twitchell (B), Katie Sirois (F), Isabella Westman (G).

What to expect: The Hornets have depth and experience in the ranks and have set their sights on a playoff run.


Coach: Jenessa Talarico (second season)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kelsey Westleigh, Lexi Freeman, Jayden Blais, Mya Grant, Ahna Dostie, CeCi Miller, Haley Jackson, Katie Laslie; Juniors — Julia Perkins, Moriah Baillargeon, Hannah Dube, Kimberley McLaughlin; Sophomores — Gabriella Thomas, Alyssa Tremblay, Siara Laliberte, Allison Lavallee, Taylor Melvin, Olivia Crowley, Bella Dube, Reese Maynard, Fiona Landry.

Key losses: Adia Coulombe, D'Angelina Mbalire, Charlotte Gastonguay, Emma Begin, Abby Chartier, Mikayla Tabor.

Promising newcomers: Sarah Mack, Ava Dionne, Chloe Tremblay.

What to expect: Led by eight returning seniors and underclassmen who made strides in the preseason, the Blue Devils are looking to be a competitive bunch this season.


Coach: Julie Petrie

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Senior — Amelia Mooney; Juniors — Haley Tuplin, Maria Levesque, Maddy Tuplin, Laura Mockler, Hannah Schreiber, Capella Russo, Loreesa Potvin, Kayla Cooper, Jade Connor, Alexia Barnes.

Key losses: Megan Libby, Emma Willey, Natalie Scott.

Promising newcomers: Avia Russo, Hayleigh Perron, Mackenzie Theriault, Emily Schreiber.

What to expect: Lisbon returns a solid core and adds a strong freshmen class. Lisbon's goals are to improve each day and play its best field hockey by the end of the season.


Coach: Melissa Forbes

Conference: MVC; Class: C North

Returning athletes: Seniors — Autumn Freeman, Alana Young, Taylor Duguay, Lauren Pepin; Juniors — Tanna Gammon, Alyvia Knox, Vivian Fournier, Chloe Godbois; Sophomores — Mallorie Bourret, Abby Jones, Celeste Dickey, Ariana Belskis, Ella Young, NeVaeh D'Angelo, Brielle Flynn, Brooke Brown.

Key losses: Rylie Sevigny, Alexis Baltrus.

Promising newcomer: Freshman — Kaylani Sinclair.

What to expect: The Falcons look to improve each game. Mountain Valley will have to make adjustments and bolster its self-confidence with changing positions and the departure of Rylee Sevigny. The Falcons look forward to traveling outside of the River Valley and playing against the rest of the teams in the Mountain Valley Conference.


Coach: Jody Harmon

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Last year's results: Did not compete at all in 2020, but went to the Northern Maine final in 2019.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Eva Stevens, Taylor Brisard, Elle Marshall, Anna Hyde, Natalie Howard, Lilly Richards, Lauren Howatt, Brooklynn Keene; Juniors — Emily Hammond, Ella Mayhew, McKella Ford, Alyssa Simoneau, Olivia Smothers, Talia Kidder, Rachel Maxim, Molly Kearing; Sophomore — Katie Yeaton.

Key losses: Rylee Keaten, Whitney Fraser, Kelsey Dorman, Farrah Ballou, Ella Stone.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Bree Griffin, Kara Daggett.

What to expect: After being one of the few teams that did not get to compete at all last season, the young Cougars are eager and excited to get started.


Coach: Alexis Fuller

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Brianna Dumais (Captain), Olivia Staggs (Captain), Cassie Steckino (Captain), Julia Lane, Amanda Beaule; Juniors — Kelsey Young, Chloe Fournier, Lilly Coburn, Mia Valliere, Julie Mooney; Sophomores — Seirra Lane, Alexis Pelkey.

Key losses: Adelle Surette, Sophie Childs.

Promising newcomers: Mia Valliere, Emma Bourgoin.

What to expect: Although the Raiders have low numbers, they remain determined this season. With a strong defense and a competitive offense, Oak Hill expects to compete against the many talented teams in the MVC this season.


Coach: Cindy Goddard

Conference: KVAC; Class: A North

Returning players: Seniors — Elizabeth Dunn, Ashlee Farrar, Ashley Campbell; Juniors — Allison Slicer, Molly Corbett, Carlee-Mae Cash, Bree Heikkinen, Sierra Carson, Allegra Meagher; Sophomores — Brynn Bean, Tristen Derenburger, Gabby Wright.

Seniors — Abigail Hanson, Kaylin Bashaw; Juniors — Miah Gallan, Paige Temple, Zaya Vollmar, Maddy Stack; Sophomores — Ava Kennagh, Kaya Joseph.

What to expect: The Vikings are returning a solid core of players who put in the their time during the offseason. The team's goal is to have a first-round home playoff game. Speed, ball skills and great teamwork make that aspiration a strong possibility.


Coaches: Mara Balboni and Carly King

Conference: WMC; Class: B South

Returning athletes: Juniors — Abby Bsullak, Breah Beaucage, Emma Moreau; Sophomores — Sydney Lacombe, Cassidy Lessard, Marleigh Levesque, Kaitlyn Morris, Khloe O'Leary, Cadence Peters, Briyanna Velilla.

Key losses: Sophie Patenaude, Emma Kilton.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Lilah Doyle, Emma MacMahon, Terralyn Magofna, Savannah Smith, Libbie Strout, Ruby Taylor.

What to expect: The Knights are a young team and are focusing on building culture and game experience. Poland is looking at this season as a building year. There is new talent on the way and the Knights are excited to incorporate new players into the team.


Coaches: Katie Trask, assistant coach Sara Behr

Conference: MVC; Class: C North

Last year's results: No season (reached C North quarterfinals in 2019)

Returning athletes: Seniors — Ella Plourde (F), Jayden Achorn (G), Paris Howes (F), Kaila Godbey (F), Madelyn Castonguay (B), Abi Adams (B); Juniors — Mariyah Fournier (F), Ryleigh Castonguay (F); Sophomores — Brooklyn Fournier (F), Mary Hamblin (M), Aubrey Kachnovich (F), Anna Plourde (M), Leah Burgess (M), Elizabeth Grondin (B).

Key losses: Auriana Armandi (F), Hanni Johnson (M), Alicia Bridges (GK), Megan Brown (M).

Freshmen — Aaylah Herrera (M), Samantha Martin (F), Hannah Jewett (F), Miley Fournier (M), Avery Bessey (M).

What to expect: The engaged Phoenix will use their agility and the ability to think on their feet to be a strong contender this season.


Coaches: Abigail Bowie, assistant coach Mercedes Archer.

Conference: WMC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Julianne Cook, Bryana Archer, Kathleen Dean, Bella Perryman, Ellie Russell, Pilár Hewey; Juniors — Isabella Pelletier, Lorelei Bonney, Ava Apodaca, Abbie Mitchell; Sophomore — Georgie Davidson.

Key losses: Anna Cote, Autumn Clark

Promising newcomers: Emily Andrews, Alexyss Baird.

What to expect: The Saints are a small team but big on experience. Newcomers have been a part of the middle school team, so they have a good idea of what is required of them. The senior class features talented, strong leaders who will play a key role in the Saints' destiny.


Coaches: Gail Wight, assistant coach Lori Davis

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Leah Kimball (F), Addie Charette (F/M), EB Hoff (G), Julia Head (M), Maya Taylor (F), Nicole Cox (M), Megan Cox (B), Natasha Mason (F/M); Sophomores — Bella Bennett (M/B), Kyra Rose-Espinoz (F/M).

Key losses: Brooklyn Kimball, Maddie Buck, Shelby Thorman.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Sophie Hanscom (M/B); Junior — Autumn Thompson (F); Sophomore — Lindsy Stephenson (F); Freshman — Rylee Cooper (M).

What to expect: The team will be relying on the forwards' speed and scoring abilities this season. The defense has several new members who are working hard in practice. The backfield has an experienced goalkeeper to lead the defense.


Coach: Sharon Coulton

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Returning athletes: Seniors — Maddie Perkins, Elle Folsom, Autumn Gerry; Juniors — Brooke Belz, Julia Letourneau, Bella Littler, Rhyan Sawlivich, Emma Shuman, Madison Weymouth, Lauryn Wood.

Key losses: Kerrigan Anuszewski, Hannah Duley, Riley Frechette, Brooklyn Gaghan, Sydney Harrison, Dana Lesko, Lindsay Letourneau, Abbie Ross, Teresa Siniak.

Promising newcomers: Caroline Corgan, Izzy Folsom, Lauren Miller, Liz Roman, Lucy Vachon, Madeline Wagner.

What to expect: The Ramblers have a small, but motivated, group of girls who work hard and are supportive of each other and want to improve throughout the season.

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