2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible interior tour

Allow us to walk you through the interior of the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible.

Video Transcript

- Really difficult to complain about anything on the interior of this car. The design, the styling, it's all so wonderfully simplistic and beautiful. It's just what you want a $100,000 plus Lexus two-seater to look like.

One of my favorite touches are these sort of metal door handles right here. It's one of the better door handle designs that I've ever seen, and it's backed by this sort of checked leather. All of the stitching that you'll see in here, hand stitched. On the dash, on the seats, wherever you look, you have proper hand stitching on this car.

I'll point out, on the steering wheel itself, you have these large metal pedals-- metal paddles back here. Great action, feel good, in the perfect spot for shifting. Really, really like those.

Lexus still has their sort of alien-like pods for the traction control and your mode switcher over here. It's a weird spot for it, not the most intuitive and convenient, but at least you're not searching around for it, wondering where it is. And clear view.

Let's hop into the cabin now. This is your little secretive flap that you open to get to your roof mechanism button. So you can push that to put the top forward. This is a universal window switch. And when you're not using it, you just shut it away in your nice little leather flap, and nobody's the wiser.

Really awesome. You can trick people, you know. Maybe you're going to eject somebody from the seat. Nope. Just putting the top down.

Also new this year, you have Lexus' remote touch interface here. It's definitely better than the mouse but still not a fantastic solution. You do get a number of hard buttons to allow you to quickly seek and track to one of the specific settings within the infotainment system.

Speaking of that screen, there it is, that big wide screen right there. It's definitely too far away to touch. You'd have to lean forward to make it all the way. So that's why you have to control it via the touch screen.

And just once again, I'll point out the design of this cabin. So the passenger actually has two grab handles, one here, one on the door. They'll be needing those. We have a-- a really classy button here for the release right there.

One aspect that is a little less classy, I think, is the actual shifter. It's a nice leather-covered shifter and all, but tell me that this does not remind you of the Prius. It is pretty much the exact same symbol and the exact same action that you have with the Prius [LAUGHS] that's on this LC 500.

It works. It's fine. Just ignore that it's also the same in a Prius.


It's the awesome startup animation right here. There is a convertible there. And then here is your tachometer, which moves via a button on the steering wheel. So I'll press that button, and boom, moves over to the side. Can move it back again.

Then you can toggle through the modes. Totally changes what the tach looks like. Really cool, really neat to see. And there is your screen once it's on.

This is how you turn the heated seats on in the LC 500. So there are no physical buttons. You can see you have a few here for the climate control, but nothing for heated seats. So you got to go into the infotainment system.

So you hit menu. Then you can scroll over to Climate, select that, roll over to Seat/Steering, and then here are your seat settings. So you can see heated seats, three different levels, same with the heated steering wheel, and also cooled seats, same way. But because this is the convertible, it has the little neck scarf, which you can turn on here as well. And then the vent in the headrest pumps out air.

If you don't want to do any of that manually, you can just put on the Lexus Concierge, which automatically adjusts all of this to the temperature that you have set in the car. And voila. The Lexus should now make everything this temperature according with the seats, the air, headrest, everything.