When Is the 2021 Tax Season?

When Is the 2021 Tax Season?.This year, tax season could be especially challenging.The IRS is still wrapping up processing returns from the last tax season and distributing stimulus checks.During—or even before—tax season, you'll want to start collecting W-2s and other tax forms.Tax season 2021 will begin in late January, though the IRS has not announced the official tax season start date yet. .The last day to file taxes, also called Tax Day, is typically April 15. .Taxes can still be filed on Tax Day, but it is always best to avoid becoming a last-minute tax filer.Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis may extend the amount of time it takes to receive your refund.To reduce any potential refund delays, consider preparing tax returns as early as possible. .The IRS also recommends that taxpayers file their returns electronically to reduceerrors and receive refunds more quickly.