2021 Volvo V90 wireless phone charger

Here's the semi-useless wireless phone charger you get with the updated Volvo V90.

Video Transcript

- So every new 2021 Volvo comes with this handy little wireless phone charger, which is new and nice because Volvo didn't have wireless phone charges before. But here's my phone. It's OnePlus 8 Pro. It's a generally, pretty large phone.

You can see that it doesn't really fit. You can see it hangs over on this side, also hangs over on that side. There's nothing really to keep it from moving around.

It does have a rubber backing but as soon as you hit the gas too hard or the brakes too hard, it slides forward or slides backwards. It really needs a better home here to actually keep it in place, otherwise your phone just stops charging all the time.