2022 8-man football preview capsules

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Aug. 31—Craig Collins (third year)

8-man Small; South

7-3, reached regional final.

: Seniors — Charlie Houghton (QB), Bode Gray (FB/LB), Trenton Hutchinson (SB/FS), Trent Holman (WR/CB), Dakota Tompkins (WR/CB); Juniors — Isaiah Bradeen (G/LB), Logan Timberlake (C); Sophomores — Nathaniel Wainwright (TE/DE), Andrew Wisecup (G/N).

Seniors — Dylen Packard (FB/LB), Otilio Cepeda (TE/CB), Joe Conron (G); Juniors — Wyatt Hamner (C/TE), Trevor Swett (DE); Freshmen — Tanner Bradeen (FB/LB), Caiden Skidgel (QB), Brady Philbrick (QB/SB/CB), Trevor Crosby (WR/SB).

There is much excitement coming into the season for the Cougars. Dirigo has a strong senior class and hopes its leadership can take the team to the next level.

Brian Jahna (fifth year)

8-man Large: South

2-6, lost in regional quarterfinals.

: Seniors — Mikey Ryan (QB/DB), Miles Post (RB/LB), David Black (C/DL), Dillon Young (RB/LB); Juniors — Nick Geer (TE/DE), Brady Castrucci (RB/DB); Sophomores — Kobi Conant (RB/QB/DB), Jameson Hart (OL/DE).

Senior — Jeff McAlister (TE/DB); Freshman — Brody Tracy (RB/TE/LB).

This year's team has great chemistry, positive team culture, and strong senior leadership. Several players will be playing both ways due to low rosters numbers, but team excitement is high. Success will depend on the health of the upperclassmen.

Pat Mooney (first year, second stint)

8-man Small; South

3-4, reached Small School South semifinals.

Seniors — Robert Leveillee (HB/LB), Jesse Vining (G/DT); Juniors — Kaden Paaso (HB/LB), Lucas Libby (HB/LB), Jyrrmal Yates (HB/S); Sophomores — Owen Gaudette (C/DT), Rilan Farnum (TE/S).

Seniors — Zackary Putnam (TE); Junior — Seneca Jones (G/LB); Sophomores — Julien Byam (T/DT).

A veteran backfield returns behind a young offensive line. Expectations are high after a playoff run last year. Mooney, a Mountain Valley alumnus, returns for his second stint as coach of the Falcons (he previously led the team from 2016-18) after three years as a Mt. Blue assistant.

David Frey (seventh year)

8-man Large; South

6-3 overall, reached Large School South semifinals.

Seniors — Reece Davis (RB/LB), Eli Timler (QB/CB), Garret Hunt (G/DE), Xzander Reichenback (C/DE), Jakobee Herrer (RB/CB); Junior — Brandon Wilson (G/DT).

Juniors — Brody Souther (RB/LB), Leaton Ready (C/LB); Sophomores — Eli Moffett (DT/TE), Max Lebonte (RB/CB); Freshmen — Austin Armandi (QB/CB), Kolby Contton (G/DE).

With several key veterans back in the fold, the Phoenix appear to be in fine shape for the season. Avoiding injuries will be key since there are only 22 players on the roster.

Tim O'Connor (15th year)

8 man-Small; South

7-1, reached Small School South semifinals.

Seniors — Will Doyle (QB/LB), Cameron Palmer (TE/DE), Jakob Hooper (C/LB); Juniors: Cruze Kimball (G/DE), Wyatt Lilly (WR/CB), Gavinn Martin (RB/CB).

Juniors — Myles James (C/DT), Holden Monzo (G/DE); Freshmen — Gage Berry (G/DT), Ben Corriveau (TE/DE).

The Rebels have 26 players on board and eight seniors returning after graduating six seniors from last year's squad that was undefeated in the regular season. Nine freshmen have joined the team, and several are looking to compete for a starting position. With solid, upperclassmen leadership, Telstar aims to improve every week of the season and then compete in the playoffs.