2022 Detroit Auto Show Editor’s Picks

The best cars and SUVs from the 2022 North American International Auto Show. As tends to be the case in this post-ish-pandemic world of auto shows, the North American International Auto Show was a strange one. It was at least mostly indoors and thus not at the mercy of Mother Nature. And unlike that first Chicago Show following the initial pandemic shutdown, this one was all assembled before the media arrived. Even with a much thinner show floor, the Detroit Auto Show still gave us a number of noteworthy reveals.

Now, full disclosure, the rules for our Detroit picks were made a little more flexible, since some of these vehicles were revealed a little before the week of the show. But we still focused on vehicles that were making their show debut, and were actually present on the floor. Sadly, that means we had to leave out the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S electric SUV concepts. Odds are, those would've made it into our list of the top five if they had actually been on display. Now, on to the winners.

Video Transcript

GREG MIGLIORE: Welcome back to the North American International Auto Show, the Detroit Auto Show, the first show here in the Motor City since 2019. There were a lot of major reveals this year, but it was a bit quieter than you might remember in years past. Except all of that changed when the president decided to stop by, so that definitely made press days more interesting than I can honestly ever remember from a pure news perspective.

Still, Autoblog editors, we're all about the sheet metal. We covered the show all across the floor, and, of course, we have some favorites. So here they are, Autoblog's best in show.