2022 Ford Maverick Lariat AWD walkaround

Take a tour around the new 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup. While a hybrid powertrain is standard, the all-wheel-drive version you see here is powered by Ford’s turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine producing 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. While Ford was able to keep coasts to a minimum, the Maverick doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact, it’s full of interesting textures and materials, and packed with smart features inside and out. Based on the same C2 architecture as the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport, it’s also easy to drive, whether you’re hauling a load down the highway or navigating a tight parking lot.

Video Transcript

JOHN BELTZ SNYDER: Hello, everyone. This is John Snyder with Autoblog. And I am sitting in the new Ford Maverick compact pickup truck. This one is the all wheel drive version. So it's not the hybrid. But it's kind of neat. I like the interior. There's some neat materials. This has some recycled carbon powder in here. There's these little touches like these little exposed fasteners, cantilever sort of door handle with more of those fasteners. Got more that neat material. It's all hard plastics. But it's all got shapes to it and cool color. So it feels pretty, not totally upscale, but it doesn't feel cheap at all.

Standard 8 inch touchscreen. Got a little cubby here, a little cubby here, a lot more storage down here. This is for that little guy there. Lots of storage in the doors. I'll show you the back. This is pretty cool. A Nalgene water bottle will fit right there. And here's the rear seat. I like this two-tone color combination. If you pull this up, got a whole bunch more storage right down there. And with these little things, you can get little dividers, or cupholders, and you can 3D print things to fit in there too. And there's these little QR codes that give you tips on things you can do. Things you can print up.

And the bed, this one doesn't have the rail system in it. But it's pretty nice. You can sort of put 2 by 4's here, make your own false load floor, got in here. And that goes deep. You can hide stuff in there. Got the same thing on the other side. The hybrid I was in earlier has 120 volt outlet right here. But then there's also a 12 volt DC outlet if you want to wire stuff in yourself. Ford said they had a lot of customers sort of cutting into the wiring and adding their own electrical doodads. Also, this. Let's see if I can do this one handed. You can pull these off and attach them up here. And it keeps this about the same height as that. So you can lay pieces of plywood flat.

And yeah. So that's the sort of quick walk around of the-- let's see if I can do this one handed again. There we go. A quick walk around of the new Ford Maverick. I'll give you a look at the exterior. This is the Lariat. This is the top trim level. And like I said, this is the all wheel drive, and not the hybrid. It's got this little thing. So you can get in. And yeah. This is it. Pretty nice. I think Ford's going to sell a whole bunch of these. So anyway, thanks for watching.

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