2022 Mercedes Maybach S 580 Rear Seat tour

If you appreciate extreme luxury and relaxation, there are few places better than the rear seat of the 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S 580. One tap of a button leaves you with virtually limitless legroom and a reclined seat. Not only that, but you’re met with the best tech in the automotive world back here. To get much better than this, you’ll need to step up to a Rolls-Royce or extra-pricey Bentley product, and even then, the Maybach has its own appeal. Riding in the back might actually be better than piloting this super-luxurious sedan.

Video Transcript

- Here's a quick tour of the rear seat for the Mercedes Maybach S 580. So this one has the rear executive package. It's a $6,000 package that gives you the super reclining seats, the big center console here, refrigerator, and more.

So we'll hop in. So when you press this button here, this big old console opens up. That's a pretty awesome show, actually. And then you get to check out your heated and cooled cup holders. The climate control is there. Directly behind that, you have your little tablet that controls most of everything on the interior.

If you open this up, you'll notice here are your tray tables to do work at. They are leather covered. There's a wireless phone charger in there, a bunch of other ports right there. Close that guy up and directly behind is the refrigerator. So this is where you keep the champagne, of course. And assuming you have the champagne flute option-- this one does not have these champagne flutes in there, unfortunately-- this is where you'd keep those too. A $3,200 option for silver-plated champagne flutes. Absolutely worth it, right?

The headrests themselves have a nice Maybach cushion on it. Of course, Maybach pillows down here. Maybach logo on this side, great quilting on the other side. Screens there-- they look fantastic. Even down here, this little pull strap here, is covered in wood and a full light outline-- pretty special interior back here.

And quick moment, I will show to you guys in the full recline mode for this seat. So you hit the little button that is basically a one touch operation on the door here. And a guy that's fully laying back. And then the front seat moves forward out of the way. The rear seat reclines to its rear-most extreme angle. Your foot rest comes out.

And if you're extra tall, there's even another foot rest right there, that comes down under the seats. And you are lounging. You have heated, cooled seats. Heated surfaces, so the armrests get warm. And then if you really want, there's also massages and some strange seat kinematics and workouts that you can go through to be as comfortable as you can be in your $228,000 Maybach.