‘Is This 2023?’ Miami Herald Expresses Disbelief At Florida GOP ‘Fashion Police’

The Miami Herald mocked the GOP-led Florida House’s new dress code, suggesting the legislature has now become the “fashion police.”

“Is this 2023?” the newspaper’s editorial board asked in response to the reported ban of low-cut blouses or dresses, sleeveless tops, and dresses and skirts that are “more than one inch above the knee,” among other things.

The Herald questioned how the rules would be enforced.

“We do applaud the impulse to look more professional in the House. Acting more professional, though, is the real trick,” the board wrote. “One way to do that: Quit wasting time on the transparently cynical ‘woke’ wars pushed by Gov. DeSantis in his quest for the White House and focus on the real needs of the people.”

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