The 2023 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt hunt has begun. Will you find the medallion?

One sharp-eyed reader could become $10,000 richer this winter if they find the hidden medallion in the annual Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt.

Here’s what you need to know. Good luck out there!

How to find the medallion:

Follow the clues: New hints are published every day until Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, or until the medallion is found. Clues will appear at midnight on and daily in the print edition of the Pioneer Press.

The medallion will be hidden on public land in Ramsey County, with a few exceptions. The medallion will not be hidden on the State Capitol grounds, at Como Zoo & Conservatory, Rice Park, or Mounds Park, under any skating surface, on a golf course, under or on any artificial turf surface, or at any construction site.

We say it every year: Please do not destroy anything to find the medallion. Abide by all the laws and requests of police officers or local officials. Be aware of local orders regarding public health and Covid-19. Finally, all hunting is done at your own risk, and night hunting is not recommended for your own safety. The Pioneer Press reserves the right to discontinue the contest any time if public property is destroyed.

No purchase is necessary to win. And if the medallion is not found by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2023, the hunt ends and the Pioneer Press may donate the prize money to a local charity.

If you find the medallion:

Promptly call the phone number on the back of the medallion. You can win $2,500 just for finding the medallion itself, plus another $2,500 if you bring in all the published daily clues, whether clipped or copied from the Pioneer Press or printed from And you can win an extra $5,000 if you have a registered Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt Patch when you find the medallion.

If you find the medallion, you must complete the appropriate eligibility and release forms within 24 hours. Those under 18 may participate with a parent or guardian’s permission, but if the medallion is found by a child, an adult must provide authorization and claim the prize on their behalf.

Please note that groups or hunting partners may not share a registered patch. The Pioneer Press will recognize one winner, and it’s their responsibility whether to share the prize.

Full rules for the 2023 hunt are available online.

Find more information

By phone: at the medallion hotline — 651-228-5547 — to know whether it’s been found

Online: at

On Facebook: at

In the forum discussions: at

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