2024 election: Abortion rights taking center stage

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Sweeping victories for Democrats as they come out of an off-year election night.

From Virginia to Kentucky, and even Ohio, a state former President Trump won twice, abortion rights won big at the ballot box.

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It was a tidal wave for Democrats with abortion rights taking center stage.

What could that mean for Florida?

“Florida is now viewed as a solidly red state because Gov. Ron DeSantis won by such an overwhelming margin,” said Alexander Bolton who widely covers politics for The Hill. “If abortion is a potent issue in a red state like Ohio, it could be in Florida as well.”

For Hudson resident Nicole Burow, it’s been 20 years since she had an abortion.

“I have three beautiful children now and I technically would have four,” she said.

“I didn’t want to bring a child from a relationship I was having behind my fiancé’s back into my relationship with my fiancé,” she continued.

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Decades later, she’s now pro-life.

Now, she’s sharing her story with 8 On Your Side in hopes of empowering women.

“Everybody has a right to live,” she explained. “If you’re going to make a child, then you can bring that child into the world.”

But Stephanie Fraim disagrees, saying every woman should have the right to choose.

“Of course, everyone should have the right to make their own healthcare decisions and the right to bodily autonomy,” she explained. “I’ve been fighting for that right my entire life and last night was a great moment for getting that right instituted into constitutions across the country.”

“The people in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia are saying very clearly, this is a private matter, a medical matter, we will make these decisions, get out of our healthcare decisions,” she continued.

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